State-Of-The-Art Distribution Centers

We manage the flow and storage of diversified products, seamlessly integrating into your supply chain. 


Distribution Centers


Every CDS distribution center is equipped with radio frequency (RF) warehouse management systems that ensure extremely high accuracy rates, speed, and your satisfaction.

Distribution Centers

Certified For Your Industry

CDS brings over 25 years of experience operating nationally to address your distribution needs.


About Us

Certified For Your Industry

We maintain USDA, FDA, CTPAT, and AIB certifications to meet your needs, regardless of industry.

About Us

Flexible Nationwide Footprint

Large company capability merged with small company agility produces an optimized distribution solution for you.


Value Added


Our technology allows us to scale and flex to your needs easily, wherever you’re located nationally.

Value Added

Are You Stuck In A Cycle of Reacting To Supply Chain Issues?

If you don’t have adequate space for inventory in the right locations, or you can’t find logistics services that fit your budget, you’re probably stuck in reactive mode. We can help you manage the complexities of today’s supply chain so you can start proactively growing your business.

Customized Inventory Management Programs For Small & Medium-Sized Businesses


Up-and-coming small and medium-sized businesses choose CDS because our highly personalized, strategic approach is the same regardless of a company’s size. It’s what truly sets us apart.

Stay Ahead Of The Curve With CDS

By maintaining USDA, FDA, CTPAT, and AIB certifications and providing accurate, reliable inventory management, fulfillment, and end-to-end support, we can help put your company on the cutting edge of the market.


Distribution Centers

Equipped with many product storage and material handling options, temperature-controlled environments, and modern security systems, CDS distribution centers keep your products safe and ready to move.

Inventory Management

Rely on customized inventory programs that ensure you always receive accurate and accessible product information that eliminates guesswork.

Carrier Management

Optimize carrier scheduling and reduce warehouse dwell time with the seamless support of CDS customer service and systems.

E-Commerce & Parcel Shipments

Overcome direct-to-consumer shipment challenges with innovative inventory storage solutions for your e-commerce business.

How CDS Can Help Your Business Grow

Schedule a discovery call today and start receiving the support you need to expand your business.

1. Schedule A Discovery Call


We’ll discover what you need to do to maximize efficiency and exceed customer expectations.

2. Receive A Customized Solution


We’ll build a tailored program that meets your needs exactly.

3. Start Exceeding Customer Expectations


With our program in place, you’ll deliver on time and on budget for your customers – and grow.

About CDS


Since 1996, CDS has been one of the leading 3PLs in the U.S., providing advanced logistics services and solutions via a national network of modern distribution centers managed to precise safety and operational standards.

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