Customized Distribution Services (CDS) is your trusted partner for warehousing and distribution services in South Brunswick, New Jersey. As a suburb of New York, South Brunswick gives you immediate access to a vast customer base expanding throughout the entire Northeast corridor from Boston to Washington, D.C.

In addition to its strategic appeal, South Brunswick, NJ, has a relatively low cost of living for the region, which can help reduce operating costs for businesses. Meanwhile, the bustling Port of New York and New Jersey and Newark-Liberty International Airport (EWR), along with the direct access to Interstates 95 and 287, add even more convenience for companies with logistics hubs in South Brunswick. CDS has the experience, bandwidth, and a well-established distribution center in South Brunswick, NJ, to help your business take advantage of all that the New York metro area has to offer for supply chain success.
South Brunswick NJ location


301 Middlesex Center Blvd, Suite 3A
Monroe Township, NJ 08831

Hours of Operation

Office: Monday–Friday: 7:30am–5:00pm
Warehouse: Monday–Friday: 6:30am–6:30pm

Phone Number


General Managers

Shane Hewitt
732-305-7349 - Ext 200

Carlos Paredes

Customer Service Managers

Carol Rodgers
732-305-7349 - Ext 207

Erica Troche
732​-305-7328 ext 227​


Public: 200,000 sq. ft.

Streamline Your Logistics With Our Distribution Center in South Brunswick, NJ

Our South Brunswick distribution center serves as a vital link in your supply chain network. It enables faster transit times, improved inventory management, and the flexibility to meet shifting market demands. We take pride in providing reliable and efficient distribution services that keep your operations agile. Gain access to our robust infrastructure that can significantly optimize your supply chain.

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Gain Real-Time Visibility With Inventory Management Solutions in Our South Brunswick, NJ Warehouse

Efficient inventory management is essential to stay competitive in today's logistics landscape. CDS offers tailored inventory management solutions designed to optimize your operations in South Brunswick and beyond. Our advanced inventory management system provides real-time visibility into your inventory, empowering you to make data-driven decisions and minimize carrying costs. With our expertise in South Brunswick's logistics ecosystem, we help you maintain a lean inventory while meeting customer demands.

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Go Beyond Our South Brunswick, NJ Distribution Center With Carrier Management

CDS’s carrier management services are designed to simplify your logistics needs. We work closely with your trusted carriers to ensure your goods reach their destinations on time and in proper condition. Whether you require regional or long-haul transportation, CDS has you covered.


Scale Your E-Commerce Sales From Right Here in South Brunswick, NJ

New York City is a no-brainer for virtually any business looking to tap into a large e-commerce customer base while reducing shipping costs. Our South Brunswick, NJ, e-commerce distribution services ensure fast, accurate, and cost-effective delivery, enhancing your competitive edge locally, regionally, nationally, and even internationally. With our advanced technology and efficient order fulfillment processes, you will be able to meet the expectations of online customers near and far.

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Customer Care You Can Count On

At CDS, we believe that clear communication, responsiveness, and personalized support are the keys to a successful logistics partnership. Our dedicated customer care team is always ready to address your inquiries, provide assistance, and ensure that your logistics needs are met with precision in our South Brunswick, NJ, distribution center.

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Value-Added Services You Can Build On

CDS offers many value-added services to enhance your supply chain operations. From kitting and packaging to labeling and quality control, we’re here to help in every way possible. Improved product presentation enhances customer satisfaction. With our support, your products stand out in the market.

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See Everything Happening in Your South Brunswick, NJ Distribution Center

To excel in supply chain management, businesses require advanced technology solutions. Our technology-driven services offer real-time visibility, accurate reporting, and efficient order processing, ensuring your inventory is always being managed efficiently and cost-effectively. Discover the difference a customized inventory system and a true logistics partner can make for your business.

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Supply Chain Integration Makes Your South Brunswick, NJ Warehouse Even Stronger

Warehouse placement is critical to an efficient logistics system. CDS focuses on integrating all logistics components, ensuring seamless operations for peak efficiency. In South Brunswick, New Jersey, our supply chain integration services are designed to enhance operational flow, boost data precision, and provide dependable reporting. The process begins with your inquiry about our South Brunswick, New Jersey, facility.


Ready To Grow Your Business With a Distribution Center in South Brunswick, NJ?

Get the best warehouse and distribution services in South Brunswick, New Jersey, by partnering with CDS. Our extensive experience and commitment to excellence set us apart as the ideal partner for businesses looking to optimize their supply chain operations in NJ, NY, and beyond.

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