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CDS inventory control systems enable our wide array of services.

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Inventory Management

Tracking inventory the right way requires systems which can accommodate varied product, facilities, storage types, and material handling equipment. CDS inventory control systems manage all of this and, combined with rigorous operational processes, provide extremely high inventory accuracy.

Product Storage

Product Storage And Configuration

Multiple product attributes like dimension, weight, cube, pallet configuration, environmental and hazardous attributes, velocity, and stack height are used to match product to the right storage during putaway

Order Management

Order Management

Order allocation can be controlled by attributes such as customer, carrier, consignee, inventory hold status, and product line item configuration, all of which serve to meet customer expectations.



Addressing the specific needs of E-Commerce, CDS inventory management systems provide an optimized platform for managing the product and integrations required to make E-Commerce work.

Hardware Automation

Hardware Automation

New capabilities are being created through the deployment of hardware such as robotic carts to automate the allocation process and drones to conduct inventory counting.

Satellite Expansion

Satellite Expansion

For situations where seasonal inventory requires temporary expansion into overflow space, CDS inventory control systems can be quickly added to the space – even over a temporary cellular hotspot.

yard management

Yard Management

Trailers arriving and departing to a CDS dropyard are managed as inventory to the benefit of CDS customers and carriers visiting the facility. Driver and trailer visits are audited to provide another data resource.

Labor management

Labor Management

Detailed system analysis provides a positive feedback loop to ensure established processes are working optimally.

Logistics Solutions

See the Integrations available and the various ways inventory data can be accessed.