Unique Unexpected Services to Enhance the Distribution Experience

Product Customization

This service provides an opportunity to change something about a product — on the each, case, or pallet level typically — on the receipt, in storage, or at time of shipment. Think of a label applied to correct some product information on a pre-applied packaging label or to highlight a sales promotion, a reconfiguration of a pallet’s contents to produce an end-aisle display or kitted product, or adding shrink wrap to a group of smaller-sized product. All of these save time and money and provide the best experience for downstream customers.

Product Shipment Preparation

This services provides the right paperwork and labeling (carrier, hazmat, or promotional) with the product to ensure the product will ship correctly.

Quality Control

CDS can perform visual quality inspection of products based on company standards with paperwork and photography backing up this process. CDS systems work with this process through flexible — and immediate — inventory holds to prevent shipment while issues are being addressed.

Product and Trailer Imaging

Product or trailers can be photographed electronically on inbound receiving or outbound shipments with photos being emailed or stored as appropriate.

Distribution Center Planning and Design

CDS offers project templates and consulting to optimize the distribution center storage and product flow based on product needs. If a facility is needed, CDS can work with clients and real estate companies in a target geographical area to find the right building space.

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