Customized Distribution Services (CDS) proudly serves as your premier partner for 3PL warehousing and distribution needs in Hazelwood, Missouri. Nestled in the heart of the Midwest in the Greater St. Louis area, Hazelwood is a strategic gateway to the bustling markets of the United States, making it a prime location for businesses seeking a central distribution hub. The city's proximity to Lambert-St. Louis International Airport, along with its easy access to major highways such as Interstates 70 and 270, positions Hazelwood as an unparalleled logistical advantage for companies looking to efficiently manage and distribute their products across the country.

Take advantage of the dynamic distribution and warehousing solutions CDS can offer at our Hazelwood, Missouri, distribution center. Whether you’re aiming to reach markets in the Midwest or beyond, CDS is ready to support you.
Hazelwood, Missouri location


1590 Tradeport Drive Suite 200
Hazelwood, MO 63042

Hours of Operation

Office: Monday-Friday 7:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.
Warehouse: Monday-Friday 7:00 a.m.-12:00 a.m.

Phone Number

(314) 584-8840

General Manager

Sy Hines

Customer Service Manager

Judy Lewis
918-478-3444  -ext 206


223,100 square feet

From Highway 370, you will get off at exit 11 (St Louis Mills Blvd).  Go to the first light and make a left, Cabelas Sporting Goods should be to your right. Travel this road up the hill to the next light and make a right, this street is St Louis Mills Cir.  Be on the lookout for the very next left turn you can make at Park 370 Blvd, go around the curve and the next street you come to you will make another left.  This street is Trade Access Blvd. You will travel this road to the end and make a right on Tradeport Drive.  You are looking for the second building on the left with the CDS sign.

Maximize Efficiency with Our Hazelwood, Missouri, Distribution Center

Our Hazelwood distribution center uses advanced technology and a skilled workforce to streamline storage and distribution. Leverage our infrastructure to maximize efficiency in your supply chain, achieving shorter lead times and reducing costs. Ideally located for wide-reaching distribution, our center is a key asset for competitive businesses in today’s fast-paced market.

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Optimize Inventory Management in Hazelwood, Missouri

Optimize your inventory management with CDS’s tailored solutions in Hazelwood. We optimize stock levels, reduce costs, and ensure product availability by leveraging advanced technology and proven strategies. Our team ensures your inventory is efficiently managed, keeping your supply chain running smoothly.

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Improve Your Carrier Management in Hazelwood, Missouri

Improve your logistics operation with CDS’s carrier management services. Our close collaboration with reliable carriers ensures timely and secure delivery of your products. Catering to both regional and long-distance transportation needs, CDS can provide the seamless logistics solutions you need.


Boost Your E-Commerce Sales From Hazelwood, Missouri

CDS provides expert e-commerce distribution services from Hazelwood, Missouri, crafted for the specific needs of e-commerce businesses. Leveraging advanced technology and streamlined order fulfillment, we help you satisfy the high expectations of your online shoppers. Our services promise quick, precise, and economical delivery, giving you a competitive edge.

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Get Unmatched Customer Support

At the heart of our business lies a commitment to unparalleled customer care. We recognize the importance of transparent communication, responsiveness, and tailored support in the success of your logistics operation. Our devoted customer support team is prepared to resolve your issues, offer guidance, and fulfill your logistics needs.

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Take Advantage of Our Value-Added Services

CDS provides a suite of value-added services designed to improve your supply chain efficiency. Whether it's kitting, packaging, labeling, or ensuring quality control, our aim is to support your operations comprehensively. Our value-added services not only boost customer satisfaction but also distinguish your offerings in the competitive market.

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Access Real-Time Inventory in Hazelwood, Missouri

CDS offers a bespoke inventory system tailored to your unique requirements. Our technology-led approach delivers real-time inventory visibility, precise reporting, and streamlined order processing, keeping your inventory perfectly aligned with your needs. Access to immediate inventory data empowers your decision-making, offering strategic advantages. 

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Improve Efficiency With Supply Chain Integration in Hazelwood, Missouri

The strategic placement of your distribution center is pivotal for streamlined logistics. In Hazelwood, CDS prioritizes supply chain integration, connecting each element of your logistics operation to optimize it. Our integration services within Hazelwood and the surrounding region enhance logistics efficiency, improve data accuracy, and streamline reporting processes.


Ready To Grow Your Business With A Distribution Center in Hazelwood?

Get the best warehouse and distribution services in Hazelwood by partnering with CDS. Our extensive experience and commitment to excellence set us apart as the ideal partner for businesses looking to optimize their supply chain operations in the Greater St. Louis area.

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