CDS Carrier Management provides an efficient and streamlined experience for carriers, our customers, and the drivers who visit our facilities

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CDS Carrier Service Flexibility

CDS offers the right solution for your carrier needs. CDS customer service can schedule carriers on your behalf, directly interact with your Transportation Management System, or take advantage of system integrations to have carrier scheduling and appointment information flow between the CDS warehouse management system, client systems, and transportation management systems.

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CDS systems offer specialized EDI Solutions designed to facilitate carrier processes such as load tendering, scheduling, and appointment management. Additionally, specific predefined integrations are available for LTL and parcel carriers such as FedEx, UPS, DHL, and the USPS. See Parcel Systems for more information on this.

Carrier Management

Drop Trailer and Preload Programs

CDS has programs with carriers to allow a trailer to be dropped at a CDS yard or facility for deferred unloading as well as pre-loading for a future order. This dramatically reduces dwell time for a driver and helps the carrier to maintain its trailer inventory efficiently.

Trailer Inspection

CDS personnel inspect trailers for proper safety and environmental conditions for both inbound receipts and outbound shipments. Appropriate documentation (including image files) can be prepared and emailed with inspection results.

Yard Management

For CDS facilities with drop yards, yard management provides detailed activity information for trailers and drivers from the point of entry to the point of exit. This data is very useful for both clients and carriers providing dwell time, activity, and trailer inventory reporting (trailers, like product, are inventoried via RF devices). Drop trailer inventory can also be used to optimize unloading based on order inventory needs.

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