CDS Distribution Centers Are Built And Maintained For One Purpose: Safe and Secure Product Storage And Movement

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Product Storage

Optimized Product Storage

The right racking and storage systems make all the difference in optimizing product putaway, storage, and order allocation. Standard pushback, flow, turret, specialized rack, and compartmental systems are all available in CDS warehouse facilities. This ensures we can efficiently find your product and get it to your end customers quickly.

Material Handling

Designed For Efficient Material Handling

CDS distribution centers are designed to efficiently pick, pack, and ship your orders, so your customers receive the right product on time. As part of our commitment to quality service, we've implemented forklifts, stand-up lifts, turret trucks, automated allocated vehicles, and conveyor systems in our distribution centers, all designed to move product quickly and safely.

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Security For Peace-Of-Mind

All CDS distribution centers are secured by networked indoor/outdoor cameras as well as alarm and personnel access systems. Depending on the building configuration and product needs, additional fencing, security guards, and specialized cameras can be deployed. The result: Your product is safe and secure.

Environment Control

Tightly Controlled Warehouse Environment

CDS distribution centers are equipped with advanced temperature, humidity, and fire control systems to protect your products from environmental impacts. Our facilities are cleaned and maintained daily, ensuring spotless floors, neat aisles, and ample lighting—hallmarks of the CDS commitment to quality. This meticulous care guarantees that products meet customer expectations upon delivery. 


Technology That Keeps B2B or B2C Operations Running Smoothly

CDS distribution centers are all equipped with the technology that keeps your supply chain running smoothly. Accurately track your inventory and seamlessly integrate important warehouse data into your current ERP or e-commerce software.

Logistics Solutions

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