Customized Distribution Services (CDS) is your trusted partner for warehousing and distribution services in Breinigsville, Pennsylvania. The Lehigh Valley is a long-established manufacturing and distribution hub, and Breinigsville plays a key role, making it an excellent location for businesses looking to streamline and expand operations.

With direct access to transportation infrastructure, a low cost of living, and a large pool of skilled industrial workers, it’s easy to see why so many businesses are looking for warehouse and distribution services in Breinigsville, Pennsylvania. There are also many nearby ports and major transportation hubs, from Philadelphia to New York and New Jersey. CDS has the experience, bandwidth, and a bustling distribution center in Breinigsville to help your business establish its presence in the Northeast megalopolis.
Breinigsville PA location


8400 Industrial Blvd
Breinigsville, PA 18031

Hours of Operation

Office: Monday–Friday: 8:00am–5:30pm
Warehouse: Monday–Friday  24/7
Saturday: 12:00am–4:30pm
Sunday: 6:00am–11:59pm

Phone Number


General Manager

Tim McHugh
610-336-0500 ext. 220

Customer Service Manager

Nicole Clarkson
610-336-0500 ext. 208


Dedicated: 650,000 sqft.
Public: 50,000 sqft

Leverage Our Distribution Center in Breinigsville, PA

Our Breinigsville distribution center can completely change the complexion of your operations. With state-of-the-art facilities and a well-trained staff, this advanced warehouse optimizes the storage and distribution of goods, ensuring they reach their destinations swiftly and seamlessly. Gain access to our robust infrastructure that can significantly optimize your supply chain and enable you to experience reduced lead times and cost-efficient fulfillment.

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Our Breinigsville, PA Warehouse Delivers Dependable Inventory Management

Effective inventory management is crucial for businesses of all sizes. CDS provides sophisticated inventory management solutions tailored to the unique requirements of your business. We focus on optimizing stock levels, minimizing carrying costs, and ensuring product availability. Our team employs advanced technology and proven strategies to streamline your inventory processes and keep your supply chain running smoothly out of the Lehigh Valley.

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Go Beyond Our Breinigsville, PA Distribution Center With Carrier Management

CDS’s carrier management services are designed to simplify your logistics needs. We work closely with your trusted carriers to ensure your goods reach their destinations on time and in proper condition. Whether you require regional or long-haul transportation, CDS has you covered.


Scale Your E-Commerce Sales From Right Here in Breinigsville, PA

The booming e-commerce landscape presents both opportunities and challenges for businesses. CDS offers specialized e-commerce distribution services tailored to the demands of the digital marketplace. With our advanced technology and efficient order fulfillment processes, we can help you meet the ever-increasing expectations of online customers. Our Breinigsville e-commerce distribution services ensure fast, accurate, and cost-effective delivery, enhancing your competitive edge.

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Customer Care You Can Count On

Exceptional customer care is at the core of our company culture. We understand that clear communication, responsiveness, and personalized support are essential for a successful logistics partnership. Our dedicated customer care team is always ready to address your inquiries, provide assistance, and ensure that your logistics needs are met with passion and precision.

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Value-Added Services You Can Build On

CDS offers many value-added services to enhance your supply chain operations. From kitting and packaging to labeling and quality control, we’re here to help in every way possible. Improved product presentation enhances customer satisfaction. With our support, your products stand out in the market.

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Dive into Real-Time Inventory Insights in Your Breinigsville, PA Distribution Center

CDS will develop a customized inventory system to meet your specific needs. Our technology-driven solutions offer real-time visibility, accurate reporting, and efficient order processing, ensuring your inventory is always where it should be. Real-time inventory data can help guide and enhance decision-making. With timely insights and a true logistics partner, you can take your business to the next level.

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Supply Chain Integration Makes Your Breinigsville, PA Warehouse Even Stronger

A strategically located distribution center is crucial for an efficient logistics system. CDS is dedicated to supply chain integration, linking every component to achieve maximum efficiency. Our integration services in Breinigsville, Pennsylvania, and the nearby area of Allentown enhance logistics operations, boost data accuracy, and make reporting more efficient.


Ready To Grow Your Business With a Distribution Center in Breinigsville, PA?

Get the best warehouse and distribution services in Breinigsville, Pennsylvania by partnering with CDS. Our extensive experience and commitment to excellence set us apart as the ideal partner for businesses looking to optimize their supply chain operations in the Lehigh Valley.

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